Tibet Women's Soccer

Changing the Lives of Refugee Women

Congratulations to Ivan Broadhead, BBC Correspondent, for winning Amnesty International's Merit Award for Human Rights Reporting! Listen to the 26-minute BBC World Service radio documentary Soccer Nuns, following our Select Team as they attempt to follow their dreams...

Why Tibet? Why soccer?

Every day, Tibetans displaced from their homeland continue to gather on the edge of the Himalayas in India to start new lives and learn to survive in a foreign land. Since 1959, after the Chinese invasion of Tibet, a steady stream of refugees, including the Dalai Lama, has been walking over the Himalayas to start over, escaping tragic human rights abuses imposed by the Chinese government. 

Soccer allows Tibetan women to enrich their lives through playful interaction with each other, by generating a positive presence in their community, & inspiring hope for their futures. 

According to the United Nations, sports have the power to uplift, unite & empower communities. Sports have the power to heal, bridge cultural divides, and inspire peace.

Working together to empower Tibetan women through sports will prepare them to affect change in their communities and to become international sports ambassadors of peace & tolerance.

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