Winter Camp 2015

Our fourth annual Winter Training Camp, the heart and soul of Tibet Women’s Soccer, shifted locations this year to the Tibetan Vocational Center in Dehradun. The move brought us to a regulation-sized field complete with green grass, and slightly warmer temperatures.

Our winning method to encourage both excellence in soccer and women’s empowerment at our camps looks something like this:


yoga, circuit training, running, meditation, nutrition

10am: EMPOWERMENT! Communication, teambuilding, leadership, self-esteem building, service.


Solo sessions focusing on sports therapy and personal development

3pm: SOCCER!

Integrating new ideas physically, all the while prepping to become the best team in India.

The team formed each year at the winter camp is known as the Tibetan Women’s Select Team. These young women are being trained to represent Tibet abroad, and to become the fresh, young leaders in their individual communities and beyond. They are being given the tools and the confidence to return to their schools and share their new skills and knowledge with others.

Already, we’ve seen evidence that it’s working. Many of our Select Team players go on to become their school team captains, are elected to student government, begin to excel academically and extra-curricularly, and even have become active in the Tibetan freedom movement.

After three weeks of camp, the team traveled to New Delhi to compete against three of the top teams city-wide, jointly organized by the NGO Foot and Ball. We left with 2 wins and a tie, defeating the current Delhi champions Manthan Foundation.